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A Migrant is a person who goes to another country from his/her mother country, the reasons are not necessarily related to the social condition. This person can move in and out of the country freely without restrictions of any kind.



A Refugee is a person who is running away from his country due to war or persecution, this means that this person was forced to cross the national borders and cannot return home safely.


Asylum Seeker

An Asylum Seeker is a person who decides to flee from his/her own country and applies for asylum, this person is internationally protected and can not be sent back.


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Some Thoughts

As the time goes by we have lost our sense of humanity towards the migrants and we have forgotten that they are people too. Everyone deserves a place to live and feel safe, where you can settle with your family for the rest of your life. There are many methods to regularize immigration, one of them consists in allowing immigrants to get a temporary job permission, they learn a specific job and then when they get back home they can be a very useful resource for the local economy by setting up a business.


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